Traveling.  Wandering.  Moving from place to place.  Buses.  Rickshaws.  Trains.  Old worldly things.  New-to-me things.  Fabrics being woven and stamped (and purchased).  Cities walked.  People met – loved and left.  Sun-soaked.  Rain-soaked.  Sweat-soaked.  The last two months have been a trip.

And now, I’ve escaped to the hills – to the familiar landscape of evergreen trees and snow capped mountains, rainy afternoons and yoga mornings.  It’s still India, but India for this one who needs a rest.

Looking forward to sharing photos and stories and goodies from the last six weeks – will be slowly catching up and backposting here, which may be a wonky way to blog but is the only way to keep the date stamped on these things.

…so check back soon!



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